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Mozart’s 5th Symphony is an energetic, rhythmically engaging piece, full of the unbridled, childlike joy that is characteristic of much of Mozart’s music. Though not nearly as well known as Beethoven’s now immortal 5th Symphony, Mozart deserves a bit of a break, for he was only nine years old when he wrote it. Mozart, the child genius, is in this respect far more than a musician - he is an incarnation of the indomitable human spirit, shattering normative expectations with a voice that shouts with undeniable clarity, “This is not a child, this is me - Mozart”.

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What Mozart had, we now believe, was the same thing Tiger Woods had — the ability to focus for long periods of time and a father intent on improving his skills. Mozart played a lot of piano at a very young age, so he got his 10,000 hours of practice in early and then he built from there.
David Brooks, The New York Times

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